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The MSD-AAD Meet the Building Experts Lecture Series Presents: Xu Weiguo

Xu Weiguo is a Professor and former Chair of the Architecture Department at Tsinghua University's School of Architecture. He is also the Executive Dean of Future Human Habitats Research Institute in Tsinghua SIGS and the Director of the DADA.

Xu is a pioneering architect who has been active internationally in the field of digital design and digital fabrication for many years. He has devoted his research and practical projects to the innovation of architecture and construction, including robotic masonry system construction, concrete 3D printing, AI form finding and big data in architecture. One of his prominent works is a 3D printed concrete bridge and is listed as the world’s longest 3D-printed concrete pedestrian bridge in the world. 


Xu has published more than 140 papers and 17 books. A series of his research projects have been funded by NSFC. He has lectured worldwide, been a visiting scholar at MIT in 2007, and taught at SCI-Arc and USC in 2011-2012. He has curated the DADA series events in 2013 and co-curated Architecture Biennial Beijing 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010.

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